Reward Works

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Reward & Saving Solutions that Work


Reward your employees, customers or members and take stakeholder engagement strategy to a whole new level.


We provide online and offline reward solutions that will increase your appeal, drive productivity and inspire loyalty - all within price plans to suit any budget.


Saving Works


Saving CogOur voluntary benefits solution gives members and employees the opportunity to save £1,000s every year. Offers can be accessed through cashback, online discounts, local offers, shopping cards and salary sacrifice across every type of consumer spend.


Recognition Works


Recognition Cog Give recognition to high achievers or simply give a gift with an extensive range of gift cards and digital rewards. Our solutions are built to suit you, whether you want to reward 1000+ employees with £10, or 10 employees with £1,000.

Incentive Works


Incentive CogGo beyond 100% and reach your key performance indicators throughout your business with a range of instant and points based incentive platforms. These can be used in standard or bespoke configurations for colleagues, customers and channel partners.

Loyalty Works


Loyalty CogLoyalty solutions will not only help you gain new business, they will help you keep it. Keep your stakeholders energised, inspired and highly motivated with points based systems, instant rewards, gifts and customised loyalty cards.





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