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Associations & Membership Groups Rewards

As an association or membership group you are there to guide, support and serve your members, and you are tasked with delivering a high-quality membership that is also cost effective. There has never been a more important time in this sector to review and evaluate what you are providing your members and how you are providing it?  


Are you looking to create more value for money?  

Are you looking for a tangible way of increasing your membership fee?  

Are you looking to digitally transform your membership process to a digital membership card and welcome pack?  


iCOM deliver all of these things cost effectively and with the highest quality.




Our experience in this market tells us that customers switch insurance providers at renewal for less than a £50 saving.  As specialists in creating added value solutions, we are tasked with helping brokers and underwriters of all sizes in this industry create USPs added value and reward programmes designed to maximise retention of customers, attract new ones and answer the question that every customer is asking – What am I getting for my money?


"A tangible, cost effective way to add value and a USP to a policy, I’d recommend iCOM in a heartbeat. Lockton Insurance Brokers"

"What we like is the flexibility to deliver a solution that understands the needs of the customer, bespoke and unique in the market place.  Hiscox Insurance"


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