Motivating Employees – Dealing with the Problem of Summer

Updated: Oct 17, 2018

Summer is just around the corner and for many organisations, it is time when employee productivity and engagement can drop significantly. In fact, it has been found that many employees, over 80% to be precise, have stated that summer perks would certainly help them to focus on their efforts and productivity. With this in mind, still only 34% of UK businesses offer summer perks, while many offices still fail to put air conditioning in place, which employees say does have an adverse effect on their productivity.

What do we know?

During the summer months, when the sun is shining, everything feels good. This is not always good news for businesses as they can often struggle to keep employees motivated and so, addressing this problem can be assisted through the introduction of seasonal perks. Many of these summer perks can include a casual dress code, team meals and drinks, however, what might surprise many is the fact that an early finish was not all that popular. In terms of office facilities, many highly regarded the use of air conditioning, despite over a third of offices not offering this simple office comfort. In light of this, many employees would in fact, reduce their salary if they believed that they could have a better working environment and office space through refurbishment. Two thirds of office workers believe that office environment keeps them engaged and satisfied at work, while many also like the idea of an outdoor space, natural lighting and showers.Many believed that summer benefits would enable them to form better relationships with colleagues and their managers, which in turn would contribute to their happiness and ultimately, their productivity.

Tackling the issues – the right approach

This can be a difficult thing for a business to take on because it could have a negative impact. However, summer perks that are cost friendly are often worth implementing because of the way in which they enhance productivity and promote the business in a way that attracts talent but also retains it.The summer and the sunshine puts a real spring into the step of everyone and so, they tend to exercise more, they eat healthier and see the facilities within the office as being extremely valuable such as changing areas, showers and air conditioning. They also want to spend as much time outdoors as possible and this leads to an increase in desire for accessible outdoor areas and natural lighting, both of which enhance their wellbeing. So, it has been identified that employees feel that their offices are not meeting their specific needs and they have found that it does not encourage the level of team bonding that makes them feel good. Therefore, if employees are willing to make the bold statement regarding sacrificing their salary as well as spend more time in the office following a refurbishment then businesses should take note and make the changes. If they begin to implement these changes, they will soon find that their workforce will become increasingly happier and more productive.