Slow Benefits Uptake? Don’t Worry It is Easily Fixed

Perhaps you believe that your employee benefit scheme is one of the best out there, but you know that you are finding it difficult to encourage colleagues to engage and show an interest in it? To overcome this rather small problem you need to target the right communications, run the right campaigns and get creative. There are many methods you can use but there are some strategies that work, so which ones are the most effective?

Target the Social Channels Many emails are sent and received every week, particularly by your employees and so, getting noticed above all of that distraction can prove difficult. However, running campaigns through a number of the available employee communication channels can make the world of difference.

Running a campaign that uses specific channels make it possible for you to in increase the uptake in registrations and logins. You can even use your own intranet if you wish but these channels are certainly worth thinking about. It can remove the need to use emails and printed materials to target employees. 

Start Competitions Implementing competitions is the perfect way to enhance engagement and it will encourage people to register and login to your benefits programme. If you have hit a lull when it comes to getting employees engaged in the platform that you use to host your benefits, then this could be the answer to your problem. You can put in place week or month – long communication campaigns that encourage users to login before being entered into a competition.

Raise Awareness through People It is important that managers are given the correct tools and information to enable them to raise awareness about the benefits that are available to staff. Employees will come into contact with their line manager on a regular basis, so this could be the best place to start when it comes to encouragement and engagement. Giving managers the power to hold monthly talking points will provide the information required to determine what is and isn’t driving employees to the benefit programme.

Tell Them a Story When it comes to employee communication, a good story can work miracles. If employees are made aware of the fact that their colleagues are using the benefits programme, then they are going to consider using it. Therefore, it could be worth finding employees who have a story to tell after using the benefit programme and how it enhanced their lives.

They might have saved money on cinema tickets, joined a gym and lost weight or even started cycling to work using the cycle to work scheme. This is a great way for employees to hear about how they can benefit and improve the way they live.

All it takes is a bit of forward thinking and creativity when it comes to communicating with employees and selling your benefits programme to them. This is all about identifying what works for your company and works alongside the values of the business.