Your Employee Recognition Programme Name – Get it Right

Your employee recognition programme has to be named right because when you do, it is set up for success in a way that will work. When you do get it right, you can also be sure that it will impact employee engagement in a positive way and deliver results.

Give it Meaning The name of your employee recognition programme should relate back to the programme itself. This will make it simple for employees to relate back to it, identify it and engage with it.

There are many popular names that can be used but the idea behind the name is that it creates a feeling of recognition and ensures that employees are put in the spotlight.

It needs to stand out A recognition programme that is ignored is no good and so, ensuring that it stands out will help it to become a success. We are given a lot of information every day in the form of emails, letters and through meetings and this can make it difficult to capture the attention of your employees so, it has to be given a name that captivates and captures the attention of employees. This will make them want to use it and will make them return to it time and time again.

Simplicity is Key The name of it has to be simple to pronounce and easy to understand. This is because the name that you choose will be used by employees over and over again, which means that a difficult name will not cut it. A difficult name will reduce engagement and take-up.

Think of the Branding One of the best ways of creating an impact with your programme is to create a branding that is strong, powerful and encourages emotions. This can be achieved through a good logo, the right colours or a tagline. Therefore, when selecting a name, it is important to bear this in mind because you will want to choose a name that works with your branding approach. So, consider a potential theme and think about how you can create an excitement around it but also how it will stand the test of time moving forward.

Think of the Future It is all well and good selecting a name for your programme now but how will it look in several years time? Consider picking a name that will stand the test of time. Changing it in the future can help to lose any traction it may have gained over the years and it will certainly confuse staff. Therefore, consider one that is based on ides and feedback from others.

Selecting a name that works for your employee recognition programme will ensure that it gets the attention that it deserves. It will help to force actions and increase uptake which is the outcome you want. However, getting it wrong will mean that it will be ignored or forgotten and to, spend time planning it and you will certainly the reap the rewards and gain the recognition for your efforts.